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Why StartupAZ Foundation

Purpose of Phoenix Startup Network is to promote a culture of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Phoenix and become a people connector, both locally and globally.

What we do

StartupAZ Foundation is about inspiring connectivity and generosity among Arizona’s most innovative companies; helping them grow and give back by establishing a set of values that resonate with the founders, employees, advisors, and investors. The Foundation is a proud affiliate of the Global Pledge 1% initiative, which inspires corporate philanthropy and the act of giving back to the local community. By partnering with Pledge 1%, Arizona founders can join the founders of companies like Yelp, Atlassian, Salesforce and Box and help support the long-term viability of StatupAZ and it's initiatives while continuing to build generosity into the DNA of the community.

About Community Organizer

Phoenix Administrator

I am committed to make Phoenix Entrepreneurs a success. You can contact me any time. Please look for Phoenix Administraor and send me a Connection Request or send me a direct message at